There is no known cure for asthma, but with proper care you can reduce chronic inflammation of the large and small airways and reduce asthma attacks. There are important steps you can take to control asthma, starting with knowing what asthma control really means.

If you or your child is experiencing symptoms of asthma such as persistent coughing, shortness of breath, tightness in your chest or a whistling or wheezing sound when you breathe, it is time to see a doctor and discuss treatment options. If you or your child is using a quick-relief inhaler more than twice a week other than for exercise-related symptoms, or if a current treatment isn’t working, it may be time to discuss a new treatment plan. By discussing your asthma symptoms and the impact asthma is having on your or your child’s life, a doctor can work with you to develop the best Asthma Action Plan.

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