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What you know: Asthma affects one of the most important organs in the body—the lungs.1

What you might not know: The condition causes inflammation in all airways of the lungs, both large and small. These airways carry air in and out of the body. Treating inflammation in both the large and small airways may help in managing asthma symptoms.1

Do you also know?: It's possible to have inflammation even when typical signs of asthma, like wheezing and coughing, are absent.1

If you or your child has been diagnosed with persistent asthma, you may need to treat that inflammation every day.1 That’s why it’s important to know the whole story about managing persistent asthma.

Get the Facts About Asthma

Armed with the right knowledge, attitude and a proactive approach to asthma management, you can minimize the symptoms associated with persistent asthma.1 This website offers information about the latest research in asthma, and tools and resources to help you talk with a doctor, control asthma symptoms on a daily basis and be an advocate for yourself or your child. It’s time to get smart about asthma.

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